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I have known Idris for over 8 years, we have worked on different projects relating to public speaking and creative writing. He is good at what he does and a jolly good fellow to work with.
I had the privilege of learning copywriting from Mr. Idris at the HDS earlier this year. I was impressed by his wealth of knowledge on copywriting and how simplified his method of teaching was. Impacting knowledge comes easy to him. Mr. Idris knows his onion, I must admit. He is courteous, thoughtful, and ethical. He has earned my recommendation as a great tutor of copywriting.
I have been learning Copywriting and communication from fealty hallmark consults this summer and it has been a great experience. They are loaded with thoughtful tutors that put a lot of energy and commitment into how they present the courses. Their lessons were engaging, useful, and they were very patient with everyone in class, always encouraging students to try. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in becoming an expert in these fields.
Odunewu Idris is an encyclopedia of opportunities, mere knowing him, you stand a chance to learn something new, I mean something valuable. While in school, I remember joining his public speaking training; nonverbal communication. Even as a biologist, I got to know there is more to physiology. Idris was the Chief Editor of the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State. He has proofread and edited many articles and I'm privileged to have him as the editor of my book; live before you leave, not just an editor, but also a contributor. As I said, he's an encyclopedia of opportunities, whatever he offers you, grab it while you still can!
"As a copywriting student and mentee of Idris, he opened my eyes to valuable information and guides on being effective in the art of copywriting. Needless to say he's a disciplined teacher with high level of professionalism"
Getting a home has never been an easy task. Fraudsters and unprofessional realtors are always on the lookout for victims. I was referred to Mr. Idris and his establishment by a friend who rated him high. Though I was skeptical about the extolling qualities mentioned but after the completion of the task of getting me a place to call home, efficiently and with out-and-out sincerity, I admit he's worthy of the qualities. He kept me abreast with happenings even when I'm out of the country and made sure documents are well verified. I would recommend them over and over again.
A seasoned professional, well-grounded and versatile statistician, an eloquent speaker and a good team manager. You will surely miss his talent a great deal if you leave him out of your team.
Mr. Idris Odunewu, a unique writer whose priority is doing his best to achieve success in what he does. He is of better understanding of his profession and displays expertise in it. Undoubtedly, he is the one with the resource(s) you need.
Mr. Idris Odunewu is an exceptional content creator and helped me with Facebook marketing when I needed someone to
A seasoned professional and well-grounded copywriter

The copy I have written

Some of the copy I have written

It’s often said that the average sales process takes seven visits. That is, you’ve got to go to your prospect about seven times before you can convince him. But is this truly the case?

There are two types of people who buy from you immediately. The first are those who your advert (or knowledge of your product) meets their timing. For example, someone falls down and hurts his knee, you happen to sell a pain solution. What a coincidence!! Or a doctor commands a patient to lose weight immediately in your presence and you just happen to sell a weight loss solution, fate?

Then there are those buys from you because of the perfect rapport you’ve built thereby earning their trust. They don’t question your product or price, you tell them, they pay.

Then there are prospects who won’t buy right away. This is either due to bad timing, distractions, bad sales presentation, bad skills.


How then do you convert their transient NO or I’ll get back to you into a YES, SURE?

Simply by focusing on those things you can control (presentation and skills) and mastering them over those we cannot control like the bad timing or life distractions.

To every rule, there is an exception, also has an exception. To recognize and admit this, is a fundamental communication technique.

Generalization of actions, inactions, events, etc. is often self-defeating, until when backed by evidences and firm empirics. Matter-of-factly, it makes your argument watery and your intelligence doubtful, when a wiser or superior argument based on clear evidences are tendered.

Once your major and minor premise are wrong, your conclusions become wrong too, and your syllogism, faulty.

As an example.

Major premise: Public School students are rascals.

Minor premise: Idris Odunewu went to public school

Conclusion: Idris is a rascal

Major premise: All Fulani’s are bandits.

Minor premise: Mobbo Haami Bari is a Fulani

Conclusion: Mobbo is a bandit.

About three weeks ago, I was a resource person at training on communications skills, for volunteers of an NGO. During session, I asked for examples of Bad public speakers. Here are the three top responses, via;

– First-class students.

– University lecturers.

– Nigerian politicians.

While I also often admit some of these, it doesn’t mean there are no exceptions. I’ve seen and met these exceptions. However, I have also met people who believe there are no exceptions. If you want a perfect example, go through the news outlets’ comment section on social media.

It’s like saying (with their arguments)

Major premise: All first class students are bad public speakers

Minor premise: Sulyman Imran (B.tech, Pure, and applied math) is a first-class student

Conclusion: Sulyman Imran is a bad public speaker

Major premise: All Nigerian politicians are bad public speakers

Minor premise: Babajide Sanwoolu is a Nigerian politician

Conclusion: Babajide Sanwo-Olu is a bad public speaker.

Those who know these personalities will well agree that these conclusions are very wrong.

In communication, especially public speaking, it helps to be “open” if you don’t have all the facts. This gives you room to defend yourself, if and when a counterargument arises. Never make the mistake that none of your audience knows what you’re talking about, in fact, it often happens that a fraction of them knows it better, and once you take a wrong turn in your submissions (except when it’s a personal opinion) , you’ve lost credibility, relevance and most importantly, those audiences.

Remember that motivation you were waiting for before, before cashing out from the agro sector boom?

Yeah, I’ve got it.

One of the sectors enjoying massive support and growth under this administration is agriculture.

We can admit that just like the oil boom of yesteryears, very few Nigerians are making massive income from agriculture.

And you could be one,

But you’re a doubting Thomas!

OK, fine, I get you.

I’m interested, but……

–  These assertions are wrong.

– What of the herds overthrowing farmlands?

– I don’t have the time to go fully into agriculture.

– I don’t have the financial wherewithal, as I’ll need over a million.

– I don’t trust all these agricultural companies with their ROI

I know these are your worries, but, what if…

What if you have people to work while you supervise and earn your share of the agricultural cake?

What if you can have a piece of an agricultural estate, where security, good road network , and good irrigation iareprovided?

What if you don’t need to break the bank to own a piece?

What if you don’t need to get dirty to invest and in agriculture?

I have good news.

Wanna hear it?


Dear friend, would you be interested in investing #3000 to make at least #20k in a month?

That’s exactly what my student, Nwaka just accomplished.

See how she did it below.

Dear friend,

There’s no product easier to create or sell online, than a simple, straight forward instructional or how-to eBook.

Why are ebooks the perfect information product to sell on the internet?

– 100% profit gain
-No printing cost
– No inventory to store
– Quick and easy to update
– No shipping cost or delay
– Sales can be automated
– Higher perceived value than regular books.
-Quick, simple and inexpensive to produce.

Now, I want to show you how to make huge profits from selling ebooks.

And you don’t have to write them.

Ebooks on every and any subject that you can sell legitimately without having to go through the stress of writing.

Heck, you don’t need to be a writer or know the difference between A and a.

After taking this course, Nwaka’s first eBook generated over 50k in a month, only having to spend on data.

I won’t stop at showing you how to get the ebooks. I’ll also show you
– How to automate the sales.
– How to get a virtual dollar card here in Nigeria, and you use it for international transactions.
– How to craft a copy for your eBook to boost sales.
– How to get some of the paid courses on sites like udemy,coursera and co, for freeeee, and how to make money with them.
– How to create a PayPal account from Nigeria and can remit into local account.
– How to make a quick $5 (per picture) on fiverr just changing and editing background of pictures with free, readymade tools.
– How to make marketing videos from your phone
And more.

You don’t want to miss this training, just because of #3225, early bird.

If you want to “detty” your December, and been praying for a breakthrough, this is the answer to your prayers.

Pay #3225 into xxxxxx
Acc: 0xxxxxxx

Then send proof on WhatsApp.

Early bird closes 9th of November, 2021, after which price goes to #5310.

Class holds on Google meet or zoom on 13th November, 2021.

And next batch will be with a price increase.

Take advantage of NOW!

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